About Us

MED CT a non profit public organisation started during the year 2016 to help and guide the underprivileged chronically infected persons. We guide the infected persons, family members, close contacts through imparting awareness, knowledge on diagnosis’s, treatment guidance and protection of the concerned chronic infection especially HBV/ HCV infections. We ultimately help to sustain their wellbeing from various stigma and discrimination by counselling. We concentrate on chronically infected HBV and HCV patients as the first priority project. We act as the source of interlink in conveying scientific information for patients, general public, and students, medical and scientific community. We are involved in guiding various scientific research projects with funding sources, linking and supporting the patients in need.



Eradication of chronic infectious diseases to human community by providing services on educating people, bringing awareness on tramisssion of the infection, preventions and protection methods, furhter designing and developing Scientific Research work at National and International levels. Exercising to deliver all its services with atmost quality to improve the well being of the affected people to bring viral hepatitis free India



Our mission is to screen and identify chronically infected persons from various sectors in India specific to HBV and HCV viral infection. Prevent Intra and Interfamilial transmissions of viral infections through "Family Gateway” to Care the chronically infected patients, to bring a viral hepatitis free India. Scientific research will be done to address the data gaps and improve viral surveillance